Surround® Toothbrush

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Surround® Toothbrush Info

  • Soft, end-rounded bristles provide comfortable, safe brushing with “side bristles” positioned at ADA recommended 45 degree angle to simultaneously clean front, back and biting surfaces whilst sweeping along gum line
  • ‘Head and neck’ of the brush designed to bend rather than break, making brushing safer for those who tend to move during care or bite down on the toothbrush.
  • Padded head, flexible structure together with a soft tactile, non-latex rubbery surface makes griping easier and helps protect the oral environment from trauma in the event of sudden, unsafe movements.
  • Outer brush heads / wings can be bent and repositioned for improved access, including adjusting the width or spread.
  • “Chubby” handle on children’s model facilitates grip, long handle in Adult model keeps carers fingers away from mouth.
  • Excellent solution orthodontic patients as the angled bristles can clean under the appliance; the child / toddler size is also great for people of all ages who wear braces as the shorter bristles can get in and around tight places found with some appliances.
  • Available in Adult and Child / Toddler sizes; the child brush is recommended up to age 5 or so and 3-bristle-pad design helps guide the brushing action of ‘new brushers’ assuring they brush and clean all surfaces of the teeth, back and front.

Use in conjunction with the OPEN WIDE® Mouth Prop to facilitate brushing in those who are unable to keep mouth open or cooperate fully during mouth care.

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