CORBIN™ Adapter

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New! The innovative CORBIN™ Adapter is a simple, low-cost device that allows the use of a ‘low volume saliva ejector tip’ with high volume evacuation (HVE).

Higher rate of fluid removal using HVE assists in removing potentially contaminated aerosols from the mouth to reduce risks of contamination, and useful for those who have difficulty in swallowing.

As HVE tips are generally awkward to manoeuvre and don’t bend, the new CORBIN™ Adapter allows you to use a more manoeuvrable, low volume tip that easily attaches to HVE.

Low-cost, with no need for additional equipment, the CORBIN™ Adapter was designed by Judith Corbin, RDH who treated those with special needs and long before COVID-19, recognised the need for high volume evacuation with a more manageable tip.

CORBIN™ Adapters (4 to a pack) can be autoclaved up to 10 times (following infection prevention guidelines, control standards and procedures from OSHA, CDC, RACGP, NHRMC, etc.) and replaced thereafter or when they look worn.

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