Stay N Place® Flex Lap Cushion

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Stay N Place® Flex Lap Cushion  The Stay N Place® Flex Lap Cushion made from moulded foam provides for “knee to knee” positioning during infant and toddler oral exams whilst allowing distance between the adults.
  • Flexible cushions and hugs the child creating a comfortable, safe environment making them feel more secure when tilted back into dentist’s lap.
  • Cushion can be placed behind baby whilst being held by parent and then tilted into the lap of the dental clinician increasing the baby’s sense of protection.
  • Parents appreciate the cushy feel and secure side rails for added safety.
  • Clean with a disinfecting wipe and soft cloth. Wipe dry
  • The Flex Lap Cushion is 24″ long x 17″ wide and accommodates infants up to about 18 months.
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Stay N Place® Flex Lap Cushion
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