Protective Stabilisation Model

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The Rainbow® Stabilising System is an important safety device, particularly with Special Needs Patients including infants, young children and adults; it’s vital that parents and caregivers accept and understand its use during treatment, yet explaining the role of ‘protective stabilisation‘ may present challenges for carers and patients alike.

The Protective Stabilisation Model makes this process easier and less threatening; a miniature Stabilising System, it comes complete with a board, wrap and “patient” called Riley. It helps staff demonstrate to parents / caregivers in a friendly, caring manner how a patient is safely ‘swaddled’ during treatment and can become part of your ‘informed consent procedure’, especially when there’s a language barrier.

The model measures 11” tall by 6.5” wide, and can be used to show the child or adult how the wrap goes around the ‘patient’ so they know what to expect and become less fearful and anxious; many patients look forward to being greeted by “Riley” and want to play with and ‘swaddle’ him before they start their own treatment.

An optional companion book, Riley and the Hugging Blanket is a 12-page illustrated book that tells the story of a patient who gets upset at the dental office. The “Hugging Blanket” (a friendlier name for the Rainbow Stabilising System) is explained to Riley, who accepts its use and over time he learns to relax, so the Hugging Blanket is no longer needed.

For further information on the Rainbow Stabilising Systems, including options and recommendations on products for your practice, please download our catalogue dedicated to this product line.

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Protective Stabilisation Model
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