Rainbow® Wraps

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Designed for dental practice needs, Rainbow® Wraps are made of a breathable, moisture resistant, washable light mesh fabric; keeping patients cooler and more comfortable, it helps avoid the overheating that often accompanies patient agitation. The new ‘tapered’ shoulders make for a more secure fit and there’s an opening in the wrap to allow convenient access to monitoring devices.

The wraps themselves have a friendly ‘sensory appropriate’ colourful look, making them better accepted by Special Needs patients and their parents. The Velcro® closures of the Wrap are strong and secure whilst the optional, adjustable tethered Velcro® padded Wristlets prevent sudden hand movements inside the wrap.

The Wrap helps patient and staff to stay safe during dental procedures, keeping arms and legs out of harm’s way; as part of a state-of-the-art ‘medical immobilisation protective stabilisation device’ (MIPS), the Rainbow® Wrap minimises sudden, unsafe patient movement during treatment. Can be used with optional accessories such as the Rainbow® Knee Belt and Rainbow® Wide Safety Belt.

The Rainbow® Stabilising System complies with AAPD Guidelines on protective stabilisation for paediatric dental patients that devices be, “easily used, appropriately sized for patient, soft & contoured to minimise potential injury, specifically designed for patient stabilisation (i.e. not improvised equipment) and able to be disinfected.”

Made of a moisture-resistant, washable fabric, laundering is made simple with the inclusion of a laundry bag and ‘laundry panel’ that can be placed over the Velcro® closures to prevent them from picking up lint and other materials during the laundering process.

Infant and Small Wraps are designed to provide shoulder to ankle stabilisation, whereas the Medium to XX-Large Wraps come to just above the patient’s knee

Suggested uses:

  • Infant Rainbow® Wraps: for babies up to 18 mths / 12 kg, to keep them safely secured during procedures such as Tongue Ties and Frenectomies.
  • Small Rainbow® Wraps: for ages ups to 1-4 years / about 16 kg can be used with or without a Board.
  • Medium to XXL Rainbow® Wraps include the Rainbow® Knee Belt to control sudden, unsafe kicking movements.

Rainbow® Wristlets

The Rainbow® Wristlets are used in conjunction with the Rainbow Stabilising System to prevent patient from reaching up unexpectedly when instruments are in use. One pair comes with the Rainbow Wrap, but dental offices often find it useful to have multiple pairs available. Now cushioned for patient comfort, they come in lengths of either 10″ and 13” and sold two to a pack (pair).

For further information on the Rainbow Stabilising Systems, including options and recommendations on products for your practice, please download our catalogue dedicated to this product line.

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Rainbow® Stabilising System

Designed specifically for dentistry, the Rainbow® Stabilising System is a state-of-the-art protective device that minimises sudden, unsafe patient movement during dental procedures and complies with AAPD Guidelines on Protective Stabilisation for Paediatric Dental Patients