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The Unique MDI CPR Training Mouthpiece with filter (product code 73-200) is compatible with ALL CPR Masks (15 mm I.D. or 22 mm O.D.); designed for manikin use during CPR training, the valve is bright green and marked “For Mannikin Use only” for clear identification.

The MDI CPR Micromask 02 features a positive, one-way, non-rebreathing valve with 3M Filtrete™ filter and large opening to reduce restrictive rescue breathing.

Complete with oxygen inlet port, cap and elastic head strap, the MDI CPR MICROMASK is packaged in a zippered belt pouch with pair of nitrile gloves and may be used on adults, children, and infants.

Specifically designed to set the industry standard, the reusable CPR MICROMASK™ 02 has a clear dome mask and soft adjustable inflated cuff to create a tight facial seal whilst an oxygen inlet port allows supplemental oxygen to be administered during rescue breathing. The CPR MICROMASK™ 02 may be used with oxygen for O2 enriched mouth to mouth rescue breathing or provide supplemental oxygen to spontaneous breathing victims, and / or as an alternative to a standard oxygen inhalation mask.

To clean mask; remove one-way valve by pulling valve from mask. Discard used one-way valve. Thoroughly cleanse mask removing all organic matter and other residue. MDI recommends a high level disinfection with an EPA approved “hospital disinfectant”, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Rinse and allow to air dry. CAUTION: Do not boil, steam or gas autoclave mask

When mask is dry, attach a new replacement one-way valve (product code 73-402V) by pushing the valve into the mask.

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Key Features of the CPR Micromask™

  • The one-way disposable valve with Filtrete™ keeps air and bodily fluids from returning to the rescuer whilst its large opening offers low resistance for maximum air flow
  • The CPR Micromask 02 is reusable and has a single use disposable one-way valve (see replacement valve, Prod Code 73-204V)
  • Patient valve can be replaced with a Training Mouthpiece for use during CPR training (see CPR Training Mouthpiece, Prod Code 73-200)
  • Mask functions at a wide range of temperature or altitude extremes
  • The dome of the mask is manufactured from clear plastic for accurate patient monitoring allowing assessment of victims lip colour and observe for any secretions.
  • Cushion inflation tube allows for adjustment of cushion to a desired shape and firmness to achieve proper seal on adults (including those with beards), children or infants.
  • For infant resuscitation place nose portion of the mask at the chin of the infant and apply the mask to the infant’s face.
  • Can be used with oxygen for O2 enriched mouth to mouth rescue breathing, spontaneous breathing victims, and / or as an alternative to a standard oxygen inhalation mask.
  • Popular fold-down styling makes for a low profile and easy storage in a rugged zippered nylon pouch with belt loop that includes (1)–pair of nitrile gloves.

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