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Mobile Medical Systems is the Australasian / International master importer for Specialized Care Company (SCC) products.

Specialized Care Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market dental products that serve unique needs of dentists, hygienists, health care providers, caregivers and parents who provide dental care / oral hygiene for young children and people of all ages with special needs.

Specialized Care Company products are tested in realistic clinical environment; working with clients they look to improve existing products and create new innovative ones to expand their branded range.

Mobile Medical Systems is proud to represent these products throughout Australasia and beyond; with twenty-five years of medical and dental experience developing into a variety of channels and markets, partners of Mobile Medical Systems are well supported to successfully expand their range.

Sensory Products Distributor

Interested in becoming a distributor partner and passionate about oral care?

To help parents and carer’s within the Autism Spectrum Disorder / Special Needs community, we work with those who promote products through their online / local shops and value your hard work for them.

The Surround Toothbrush and it’s companion product, the Open Wide Disposable Mouth Prop would be a good fit to your needs.

Our goal is to develop a growing outreach program to special needs families so they can more easily access products.

Medical & Dental Products Distributor

Interested in becoming a medical & dental  distributor partner to expand your product lines?

Mobile Medical Systems, as the master international importer of SCC products, welcomes distributor partners in new and developed markets.

Specialized Company Company range of products are popular with dental specialists, hospitals, aged care facilities and home carers.

Retail markets have shown interest with the dentist recommended Surround Toothbrushes for it’s efficient brushing motion particularly for children and those who are ‘non-compliant’ with brushing.

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