Rainbow® Stabilising System

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Designed specifically for dentistry, the Rainbow® Stabilising System is a state-of-the-art protective device that minimises sudden, unsafe patient movement during dental procedures; it complies with AAPD Guidelines on Protective Stabilisation for Paediatric Dental Patients that devices be “easily used, appropriately sized for patient, soft & contoured to minimise potential injury, specifically designed for patient stabilisation (i.e. not improvised equipment) and able to be disinfected.”

The Rainbow Stabilising System enhances patient comfort and caregiver acceptance and includes a colourful, breathable mesh wrap and a vinyl-covered padded board; comprised of the Rainbow® BoardRainbow® Wrap, and Rainbow® Head Stabiliser it provides safe, secure and comfortable patient stabilisation.

The Rainbow ® Board comes in a variety of sizes and are offered in two styles: straight or hinged. Components of the Rainbow® Stabilising System include:

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Rainbow® Stabilising System
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Rainbow® Head Stabiliser

The Rainbow® Head Stabiliser is a comprehensive head-control device designed to minimise both up-and-down and side-to-side movements. It secures to the Rainbow® Board with screws for stability. Thick, padded, vinyl-covered side cushions ‘tilt in’ at slight angle to provide secure comfortable fit.

Rainbow® Wraps

The Rainbow® Wraps are made of a breathable mesh to help keep patients cooler and more comfortable. The colourful Velcro® closures are strong, secure and patient friendly.

Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers

When your patient doesn’t require full stabilisation, Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers are a perfect tool to teach young and SND patients how to keep hands out of harm’s way and prevents grabbing, kicking and bending movements of arms and legs.

Rainbow® Head Tilt And Rainbow® Knee Supports

Provides extra comfort whilst patients are on the Rainbow ® Board; Rainbow ® Head Tilt keeps upper torso lifted and the head in a “chin up” position. Rainbow® Knee Support relieves pressure on the lower back. Both items are sold as accessories to the Rainbow Board.