Molini™ Mouth Opener

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Clinically designed by a dentist, the Molini™ Mouth Opener assists in gaining oral access and keeping the mouth open with patients who are unable to cooperate; it replaces ‘creative’ approaches such as using back of a toothbrush to open the mouth and provides a more reliable solution when working with special needs patients who are uncooperative, bedridden, or have poor muscle control.

The Molini™ Mouth Opener has a tapered end for better insertion, ideal when the patient will not or cannot open the mouth, and acts as a wedge to help open the mouth when the teeth are clenched; trim design allows for greater visibility of the oral environment and handle is designed with a bulbous end and secure grip surface to prevent slipping. Made from a hard autoclavable plastic, can be sterilised up to 135 degrees C. In the case of biological contamination, rinse with oxygenated water before putting it in the sterilisng equipment.

The Molini Mouth Opener was developed in conjunction with a special technique where the clinician simultaneously holds the patient’s head and the Molini tool (as shown in the photo and video below) with appropriate points of support intra and extra orally. Can also be used for cheek / tongue retraction and as a standard bite block.

Used together with a proper head grip, the Molini™ helps keep the mouth open, even with non-cooperating patients and may also be applicable as a tool for Myofunctional Assessment & Therapy.

For patients who won’t / can’t keep their mouths open, the Open Wide® Mouth Props are also recommended.

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Molini™ Mouth Opener
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