Stay N Place® Chair Cushion

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Stay N Place® Chair Cushions for Infants, Children and Adults provide physical and emotional comfort for patients who become fearful at the sight of a dental chair; the non-latex rubbery bottom helps cushion to “stay in place” whilst providing a soft ‘bean bag’ like surface to lessen patients’ stress and keep them more comfortable.

Designed for dentistry, the Stay N Place Chair Cushions have a soft, durable vinyl cover that can be cleaned with a disinfecting agent and wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Stay N Place® Chair Cushions for Adults

  • Crushed foam core displaces as the patient lies down, filling gaps in the chair providing physical comfort and a secure, safe feeling.
  • Curved in at the neck, it allows patient’s head to be tilted back and the chest to be lifted whilst leaving the clinician room to easily manoeuvre.
  • Adult cushion dimensions:  46″ x 18″ x 5″.
  • Adult cushion comes with Roll-N-Store® Straps for easy carrying and compact storage.

Stay N Place® Chair Cushions for Infants / Toddlers

Dental chairs are designed for adults and as such have unstable, insecure surfaces for toddlers; it also creates problems for dental clinicians who have to ‘bend and twist’ in order to provide treatment. The Stay N Place® Chair Cushion creates a safe, cozy lift for young patients, presents a professional image for parents and helps the clinician maintain better posture.

  • Air escapes through side vents when child is placed upon cushion.
  • Crushed foam core conforms to the dental chair creating a secure surface whilst nestling the child.
  • Cushion lifts patient to a more ergonomic height for better access during dental treatment.
  • Comes with a Safety Belt for added security.
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Stay N Place® Chair Cushions
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