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Established in 1998, Medical Systems International represents and distributes an outstanding range of Dental & Oral Care products and select group of emergency care products designed for dental and healthcare professionals, emergency services, hospitals, aged care / residential facilities and home carers. We proudly represent goods manufactured by Specialized Care Company (USA), Weevac (Canada) and MDI Microtek (USA); products are also available through our affiliate partners across the globe, so please contact us for referrals.

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Specialized Care

USA based Specialized Care Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market dental products that serve the unique needs of dentists, hygienists, health care providers, caregivers and parents who provide dental care / oral hygiene for young children and people of all ages with special health care needs. All SCC products are tested in a realistic clinical environment to fully meet the needs of both clinicians, carers and patients. Working with clients, they continually look to improve existing products and create new innovative ones to expand their branded range of special needs dental products.


Award winning Canadian company and developer of the world’s first infant evacuation stretcher has an innovative line of evacuation equipment including Weevac® rescue stretchers, Marine Storage System and Transport Incubator Cover. Users include hospitals, nursing homes, EMS / Rescue, Fire Departments, Embassies and other public buildings where mass evacuations may be required. Designed and manufactured in Canada, Weevac® stretchers are used across the globe including the Sarajevo Children’s Hospital with the UNHCR.

MDI® Microtek Medical (Ecolab)

MDI® Microtek Medical now part of Ecolab has been the forerunner of EMS resuscitation and rescue products for decades with its’ innovative CPR MICROMASK®, MICROSHIELD® and EMS IMMOBILE-VAC® Vacuum Mattresses / Splints and the preferred EMS and resuscitation products worldwide. Ecolab is known for creating solutions that help Emergency Medical and Dental Clinics provide the best care.

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