Stay N Place® Airway Positioner

Stay N Place® Airway Positioner – Vinyl

Maintaining proper positioning for dental procedures can be challenging. The ‘cushion style’ Stay N Place® Airway Positioner – Vinyl supports the upper torso, head and neck making “chin up” positioning easier; adjustable vinyl-covered foam pillows “give” to provide greater patient comfort, whilst maintaining reliable support.

  • Has two head and neck cradles plus wedge-shaped pillow to lift the chest area.
  • Pillows can be re-positioned for greater versatility and accommodate a range of patients
  • Head and neck cradles and back pillow are secured to a backboard
  • Covered in a soft durable vinyl the Airway Positioner is easily cleaned
  • Can be used with or without the head strap.
  • Dimensions: 3 in high at chest area, 19 in long x 10.5 in wide

Stay N Place® Airway Positioner – Foam

The Stay N Place® Airway Positioner – Foam supports patient’s upper torso and neck to maintain an open airway; designed to lift the upper torso, it positions the head in a “chin up” position during dental procedures.

  • Moulded foam version has a durable nick-resistant surface to provide consistent support
  • Comfortable yet stable inner foam and cool, soothing colour
  • Foam version provides consistent support (less compressibility), important for sedation as well as routine operative dentistry.
  • Surface is smooth to the touch, hygienic and is easily cleaned.
  • Dimensions: 2.5 in high at end of chest area, 18 in long x 10 in wide

Additional Information (PDF)

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