Rainbow® Triangle Pillow – Dental Chair Gap Filler

The Rainbow Triangle Pillow fills the gap in dental chairs where the seat meets the back as this area may be an issue when using straight boards or be uncomfortable for patients with lower back problems; meeting this challenge is the innovative and uniquely shaped Rainbow® Triangle Pillow designed to provide increased comfort and stability by filling the space common to all dental chairs.

The versatile, multipurpose Rainbow® Triangle Pillow can also serve as a handy back / lumbar support cushion for seated patients or knee pillow for extra comfort and security.

  • The Triangle Pillow is easily cleaned and covered in a durable, buttery soft vinyl just right for a dental environment.
  • All three sides of the triangle shape are made from a latex-free non-slip material so it stays in place to give you the extra stability needed.
  • A real “multitasker” it supports and stabilises the Straight Rainbow Board whilst its’ positioned on the dental chair, and can serve as a back or knee support cushion.

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