Rainbow® Storage Bags

Rainbow® Storage Bags are made of a tough canvas-like fabric that extends the life of your Stabilising System or Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest. Roomy and large enough to store all components including board, wrap, belts, etc. and come with carry-straps for easy transport.

Storage Bag available in a variety of sizes depending on your systems particular components:

  • Small size:  holds Small board and accessories or the Stay N Place ® Head and Neck Rest (Wheelchair Head and Neck Support)
  • Medium size:  holds Straight Medium board, wrap and accessories.
  • Large size: holds Straight large board, wrap and accessories.
  • Hinged size: holds Infant board, Hinged Medium / Hinged Large board with the associated wraps and accessories.

For further information on the Rainbow Stabilising Systems, including options and recommendations on products for your practice, please download our catalogue dedicated to this product line.

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