Rainbow® Stabilising System

Designed specifically for dentistry, the Rainbow® Stabilising System is a state-of-the-art protective device that minimises sudden, unsafe patient movement during dental procedures; it complies with AAPD Guidelines on Protective Stabilisation for Paediatric Dental Patients that devices be “easily used, appropriately sized for patient, soft & contoured to minimise potential injury, specifically designed for patient stabilisation (i.e. not improvised equipment) and able to be disinfected.”

The Rainbow Stabilising System enhances patient comfort and caregiver acceptance and includes a colourful, breathable mesh wrap and a vinyl-covered padded board; comprised of the Rainbow® Board, Rainbow® Wrap, and Rainbow® Head Stabiliser it provides safe, secure and comfortable patient stabilisation.

The Rainbow ® Board comes in a variety of sizes and are offered in two styles: straight or hinged.  Components of the Rainbow® Stabilising System include:

Additional Information (PDF)

For further information on the Rainbow Stabilising Systems, including options and recommendations on products for your practice, please download our catalogue dedicated to this product line. 

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