Dental Products

Surround® Toothbrush colours with bristle covers

Surround® Toothbrush

The SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH is perfect for those needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush.

Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop

Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop / Mouth Rest

The Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop / Mouth Rest is an excellent adjunct for those who can’t cooperate or lack motor control to keep mouths reliably open during oral care…

Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop

The novel Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop with Wraparound handle allows full control without blocking oral access, whilst its unique saliva ejector holder makes it easier for ‘two-handed dentistry’.

Rainbow® Storage Bag - medium size

Rainbow® Storage Bags

Rainbow® Storage Bags are made of a tough canvas-like fabric that extends the life of your Stabilising System or Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest. Roomy and large enough to store all components including board, wrap, belts, etc. and come with carry-straps for easy transport.

Rainbow® Knee Belt and Wide Safety Belt

The Rainbow® Knee Belt and Rainbow® Wide Safety Belt control leg movements that can pose a potential danger to both patient and staff.

Rainbow® Board For Children & Adults

The Rainbow® Board helps you put safety first during dental procedures; padded for patient comfort, with a buttery-soft, yet durable vinyl cover it’s available as a Hinged or a Straight Board.

Rainbow® Head Tilt and Rainbow® Knee Supports

Provides extra comfort whilst patients are on the Rainbow ® Board; Rainbow ® Head Tilt keeps upper torso lifted and the head in a “chin up” position. Rainbow® Knee Support relieves pressure on the lower back. Both items are sold as accessories to the Rainbow Board.

Stay N Place® Infant and Toddler Knee to Knee Lap Supports

Stay N Place® Infant and Toddler Lap Supports aid in “knee to knee” positioning of infants and toddlers for better, safer access during oral exams.

Protective Stabilisation Model

It includes a miniature Rainbow Stabilising Board and Wrap, complete with a “patient” to help demonstrate use of the Rainbow Board in a friendly and caring manner.

Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers

When your patient doesn’t require full stabilisation, Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers are a perfect tool to teach young and SND patients how to keep hands out of harm’s way and prevents grabbing, kicking and bending movements of arms and legs.

Rainbow® Head Stabiliser

The Rainbow® Head Stabiliser is a comprehensive head-control device designed to minimise both up-and-down and side-to-side movements.

Rainbow® Wraps

The Rainbow® Wraps are made of a breathable mesh to help keep patients cooler and more comfortable. The colourful Velcro® closures are strong, secure and patient friendly.

Rainbow® Board for Infants

The Rainbow® Board for Infants is specially designed to keep your youngest patients safe and stable during surgical dental procedures, such as tongue ties and frenectomies.

Rainbow® Stabilising System

Creating dental products that help you provide safe, comfortable care. The Rainbow® Stabilising System is designed specifically for dentistry.

Rainbow® Triangle Pillow – Dental Chair Gap Filler

The versatile, multipurpose Rainbow® Triangle Pillow can further stabilise straight boards by filling in the space where the seat meets the back of a dental chair or provide additional lumbar support for seated patients. Easily cleaned, covered in non-slip material it stays in place and can also serve as a handy back support or knee pillow.

Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest

The Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest allows a patient to receive dental treatment whilst remaining in their own wheelchair or stationary chair; the SPHNR supports the patient’s upper torso and neck to help maintain an open airway and the back, shoulder and neck pillows can be repositioned or removed to accommodate those with neck / back difficulties.

Stay N Place® Airway Positioner

The cushion-style Stay N Place® Airway Positioner Vinyl comes with adjustable vinyl-covered foam pillows for great versatility; the cushions “give” to provide greater patient comfort, whilst maintaining reliable support.

Stay N Place® Chair Cushions

The Stay N Place® Chair Cushion is designed for patients of any age who do not fit well on a regular dental chair.

Stay N Place® Pillows

No dental chair can accommodate everyone equally well. Stay N Place® Pillows provide support where it’s needed.

Stay N Place® Booster Seat

The Stay N Place® Booster Seat saves your back whilst providing a secure comfortable seat for younger patients.

Weevac 6 Infant Evacuation Stretcher

Is your NICU or Nursery prepared to evacuate safely and efficiently in an emergency? The WEEVAC 6 is a lightweight stretcher…

MDI CPR Micromask 02™

The CPR Micromask 02 features a positive, one-way, non-rebreathing valve with 3M Filtrete™ filter and large…