Rainbow® Storage Bag - medium size

Rainbow® Storage Bags

Rainbow® Storage Bags are made of a tough canvas-like fabric that extends the life of your Stabilising System or Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest. Roomy and large enough to store all components including board, wrap, belts, etc. and come with carry-straps for easy transport.

Rainbow® Knee Belt and Wide Safety Belt

The Rainbow® Knee Belt and Rainbow® Wide Safety Belt control leg movements that can pose a potential danger to both patient and staff.

Rainbow® Board For Children & Adults

The Rainbow® Board helps you put safety first during dental procedures; padded for patient comfort, with a buttery-soft, yet durable vinyl cover it’s available as a Hinged or a Straight Board.

Rainbow® Head Tilt and Rainbow® Knee Supports

Provides extra comfort whilst patients are on the Rainbow ® Board; Rainbow ® Head Tilt keeps upper torso lifted and the head in a “chin up” position. Rainbow® Knee Support relieves pressure on the lower back. Both items are sold as accessories to the Rainbow Board.

Stay N Place® Infant and Toddler Knee to Knee Lap Supports

Stay N Place® Infant and Toddler Lap Supports aid in “knee to knee” positioning of infants and toddlers for better, safer access during oral exams.

Rainbow® Wraps

The Rainbow® Wraps are made of a breathable mesh to help keep patients cooler and more comfortable. The colourful Velcro® closures are strong, secure and patient friendly.

Rainbow® Board for Infants

The Rainbow® Board for Infants is specially designed to keep your youngest patients safe and stable during surgical dental procedures, such as tongue ties and frenectomies.

Surround® Toothbrush colours with bristle covers

Surround® Toothbrush

The SURROUND® TOOTHBRUSH is perfect for those needing help with oral care, have difficulty using or holding a toothbrush or as an ‘easy-to- use’ children’s toothbrush.

Rainbow® Stabilising System

Creating dental products that help you provide safe, comfortable care. The Rainbow® Stabilising System is designed specifically for dentistry.

Rainbow® Triangle Pillow – Dental Chair Gap Filler

The versatile, multipurpose Rainbow® Triangle Pillow can further stabilise straight boards by filling in the space where the seat meets the back of a dental chair or provide additional lumbar support for seated patients. Easily cleaned, covered in non-slip material it stays in place and can also serve as a handy back support or knee pillow.