Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers

When your patient doesn’t require full stabilisation, Robot Arm™ & Knee Stabilisers are a perfect tool to teach young and SND patients how to keep hands out of harm’s way and prevents grabbing, kicking and bending movements of arms and legs.

Stay N Place® Airway Positioner

The cushion-style Stay N Place® Airway Positioner Vinyl comes with adjustable vinyl-covered foam pillows for great versatility; the cushions “give” to provide greater patient comfort, whilst maintaining reliable support.

Stay N Place® Chair Cushions

The Stay N Place® Chair Cushion is designed for patients of any age who do not fit well on a regular dental chair.

Stay N Place® Booster Seat

The Stay N Place® Booster Seat saves your back whilst providing a secure comfortable seat for younger patients.

Weevac 6 Infant Evacuation Stretcher

Is your NICU or Nursery prepared to evacuate safely and efficiently in an emergency? The WEEVAC 6 is a lightweight stretcher…

MDI CPR Micromask 02™

The CPR Micromask 02 features a positive, one-way, non-rebreathing valve with 3M Filtrete™ filter and large…