Stay N Place® Pillow

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Soft and comfortable, all Stay N Place® pillows feature straps that wrap around dental chairs so pillows “stay in place”, especially important with young children or those with special needs who may have a difficult time sitting comfortably in a dental chair without moving or sitting forward.  Choose from a range of pillows:

  • Stay N Place® Head Cradle: The unique ‘butterfly’ shape of our SNP Head Cradle collapses against the dental chair as the patient is positioned, pushing the sides up into a “cradling” position for lateral support. It’s the ideal pillow for those with short necks or who have limited flexibility of their necks; our most popular pillow style, it is comfortable for almost every type of patient regardless of their shape or size. (paediatric / adult sizes)
  • Stay N Place® Conforming Pillow takes the shape of the patient’s head and neck and has a center cutaway for comfort; its wedge shaped supports the neck and provides for a slight head tilt to facilitate oral access / airway. (paediatric / adult sizes)
  • Stay N Place® Neck Pillow supports the neck whilst helping to keep the head tilted back, and can also be used as a shoulder roll. (paediatric / adult sizes)
  • Stay N Place® Knee Pillow reduces lower back strain, or with children / small adults helps position and keep them from sliding down the dental chair (paediatric / adult sizes)

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