Stay N Place® Booster Seat

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When young patients sit in the dental chair, do they sometimes have to be “scooted up” to the top of the chair for treatment, only to slide back down when the chair back is brought upright? The Stay N Place® Booster seat solves this problem without resorting to ad hoc and unsafe approaches such as pillows, blankets, towels or ‘pads’.

Key features of the Stay N Place® Booster Seat include:

  • Raises patient to a comfortable height by an extra 12.7cm
  • Comfortable, functional cushion covered in soft, buttery vinyl with non-slip bottom for patient safety
  • Durable and easy to wipe clean
  • Includes safety belt for additional security
  • A secure and comfortable ‘boost’ makes for a less fidgety child in the chair
  • Parents like the soft feel and professional look of the seat

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