Stay N Place® Airway Positioner

The cushion-style Stay N Place® Airway Positioner Vinyl comes with adjustable vinyl-covered foam pillows for great versatility; the cushions “give” to provide greater patient comfort, whilst maintaining reliable support. The head and neck cradles and wedge-shaped back pillow to lift the chest area are secured to a backboard and can be repositioned as needed to accommodate a range of patients; covered in a soft durable vinyl it is easily cleaned and comes with a head strap for optional use.

The Stay N Place® Airway Positioner Foam supports the patient’s upper torso and neck to maintain an open airway; designed to lift the upper torso, it positions the head in a “chin up” position during dental procedures. The moulded foam version of the Stay N Place® Airway Position has a nick-resistant surface that provides consistent support, yet is comfortable for the patient and has a smooth hygienic surface that is easy to clean.

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