Rainbow® Stabilising System

The Rainbow® Stabilising System is designed specifically for dentistry. It is a state-of-the-art protective device…

Rainbow® Triangle Pillow

The uniquely shaped Rainbow® Triangle Pillow designed to provide increased comfort and stability by filling the space where the seat meets the back of the dental chair.

Stay N Place® Head and Neck Rest

The Stay N Place® Chair Cushion is designed for patients of any age who do not fit well on a regular dental chair.

Stay N Place® Pillows

No dental chair can accommodate everyone equally well. Stay N Place® Pillows provide support where it’s needed.

Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop

Open Wide® Disposable Mouth Prop

Repeatedly “scooting” children up in the dental chair can lead to occupational related back injuries. The Stay N…

Open Wide® Reusable Mouth Prop

Do you use a mouth prop for patients who have difficulty in keeping their mouths open and may likely try to dislodge…